Founder & Business Advisor, Trend Consult & SoNexy

Adrian Florea

Adrian is a consultant with high experience in projects related to organizational culture.

He is the creator of the STELL*R Leadership Model and he is working as a business advisor with board teams in order to increase leadership effectiveness.

Moreover, he helps sales teams to define and implement their most productive processes.

Partner & Head of Leadership & Culture Practice, trend consult

Magor Csibi

Magor is a consultant with experience in projects related to organizational culture and leadership.

He works, in various capacities and scenarios, with board teams, company leaders and entrepreneurs to analyze and improve the act of leadership. Magor helps diverse teams to realize the importance of authenticity and the human factor in business processes.

PARTNER, trend consult

Petruș Stuparu

Petruș believes that an open approach to cultural transformations is the one that pays off in the long term; therefore, in recent years, the main projects that he was a part are those regarding culture and leadership. 

He is interested in how people get to successfully interact in different cultures, whether they are national cultures or generations with different cultures, and he is fascinated that this puzzle works as a harmonious whole when there is curiosity and understanding.

Petruș is a Partner in Trend Consult and he guides management and board teams to transform organizational cultures into constructive one, prepared for the future, to manage changes and develop new businesses. His mission is to guide people to develop their potential and improve their performance. 

Partener & Head of Management Practice, Trend Consult

Robert Iancu

Robert is a consultant with expertise in projects related to team development.

He works, as a senior consultant, with management teams to increase the effectiveness of the management act. Often involved in innovation projects, he helps teams define their objectives and implement the most suitable processes.

Senior Consultant & Head of Coaching Practice, Trend Consult

Tiberius Budulea

Tiberius is a consultant with over 15 years of experience in sales management and negotiation projects. 

As a Trainer and Coach, he works with management teams to improve the effectiveness of Performance Management and Leadership processes. He helps sales teams define and achieve their KPIs and business targets, and he is an expert in managerial skills assessment and training methodology.

Head of Learning Journeys, trend consult

Laura Bivol

Laura joined the TREND team in 2022 as a trainer in the management area and then became Head of Learning Journeys, position to ensure relevance and implementation of TREND learning journeys best reflect client development needs.

After 18 years in sales, training and HR Business & Transformation Partner roles in the corporate environment, she returned to the Learning & Development area and wishes that, in the long term, she could contribute to the education of children and young people, where the changes would have the greater impact.

Consultant, trend consult

Liviu Vasilescu

Liviu is a consultant with experience in public speaking, communication, and branding projects. 

He works with entrepreneurs who want to build a solid foundation for their brand, who want to speak effectively about their business, and who understand that the success of a business is based on clear and consistent communication. 

He helps marketing teams communicate more quickly with the brand’s products and services by clearly defining the organization’s vision, mission, and values, along with the corresponding elements of graphic design and visual identity.


Valentin Ivănescu

An experienced CEO with a background predominantly in the FMCG segment, Valentin has acquired and demonstrated high experience in Negotiation, Planning, Sales, Marketing and Management. 

Despite his significant background in Business Development and Entrepreneurship, Valentin continued to improve his knowledge by completing an EMBA at Maastricht School of Management, thus improving his knowledge related to Business Management, Strategy, Marketing, Organizational Culture and Leadership.

senior Consultant, trend consult

Ioana Dorobanțu

Ioana has extensive experience in organizational development projects. She works with management teams in projects related to the development of human resources processes. 

Ioana also helps management and sales teams identify their skill level and create customized development plans.

Associate, Trend Consult

Rudolf Fedorovici

Since 1998 in consulting: talent management, retained executive search, board advisory.

Projects carried out in various fields from health services, pharma and biotechnology, consumer goods, financial services, management consulting, energy, etc.

Executive Coaching: leadership development, interpersonal communication, executive presence, improving strategic thinking, effective conflict management, forecasting, etc.

Career coaching and counseling: managing career changes, aligning personal and professional goals, understanding one’s own potential and resources, personal branding.


Mirel Culica

Mirel is a consultant specializing in projects related to Sales, Negotiation, Customer Service, and Management. 

He has over 15 years of experience in delivering learning experiences to groups ranging from 10 to 450 people. He also delivers more technical courses on Project Management, Time Management, and Train the Trainer. 

As a Trainer, Facilitator, and Coach, he works with management teams to enhance the effectiveness of Performance Management processes.


Cătălin Croitoru

With extensive sales experience, Catalin brings a unique combination of theoretical knowledge and practical applicability to Trend Consult. 

Passionate about team development, results-oriented, and focused on creating value through people-centered services, he has contributed to the success of organizations in the FMCG market and the dental field. 

With a results-driven approach and a constant dedication to continuous improvement, Catalin is a valuable partner in our mission to transform potential into performance.

Associate, Trend Consult

Corina Puiu

Corina has 25 years of professional experience: 19 years in leadership and people management roles, 7 years of experience in multinationals (telecom industry). Corina also founded one of the most relevant organizations producing impact in romanian education.

She got involved in entrepreneurial projects that brought innovation. In parallel, he is a business advisor for small start-ups and non-profit organizations.


Florin Șomodi

With 15 years of experience in business development, Florin has dedicated the last 6 years to business consulting, where he collaborated with 50 companies from over 20 industries.

Florin Șomodi is a consultant and a facilitator of growth for entrepreneurial organisations in the dynamic world of business. He is also an executive coach for managers and entrepreneurs.

The approach centered on business owners and his flexibility in the use of working methods allows him to recognize the individuality of each company for which he facilitates the formulation of tailored strategies.

Florin adds the STELL*R Cultural Intervention Method to his portfolio of interventions for its clarity, simplicity and proven power to make changes for the better at all levels of an organization.

Associate, Trend Consult

Cristian Nicoară

Cristian has 20 years of experience in developing communication skills, leadership and softskills for companies in the financial, telecommunications, energy, FMCG, automotive or pharmaceutical fields. On top of training, he implements consulting projects related to organizational culture.

Cristian has a professional background closely related to the field of training, with experience both in development and delivery, as well as in coordinating training and recruitment projects and teams, reaching the roles of training manager, internal communication and HR.


Olga Melihov

Olga is an experienced executive, with more than 20 years of activity in CEE. She worked in construction and real estate, currently acting as Country Head for a leading developer of industrial parks.

As a Consultant and Trainer, she specializes in strategy, management, organizational development, operations, and sales. She guides teams in different processes, from business essentials (vision, mission, strategy, values, identity, objectives), to productive communication, from authentic leadership abilities to strategic planning, conflict solving, efficiency.

As an ICF Certified Coach, Olga works with executives, managers, and their teams, helping them to see progress and reach their full potential. 

She speaks native Romanian and fluent English, Russian and French.


Corina Neagu

With a passion for people development, Corina is a dedicated and engaged professional with a deep love for justice, integrity and the development of human potential. She is a Law graduate, she has a STELL*R certification, an international accreditation in HR and multiple trainings in vocational counseling, coaching and mentoring: Corina has covered every corner of HR for the last two decades, nationally and internationally.

With extensive experience and a lasting footprint in the HR field, Corina is a mother, edupreneur, trainer, coach, author, speaker and mentor, always ready to inspire and be inspired.

HR Director, Provident Financia Romania, and Business Coach

Marius Ciurariu

He is a board member and Human Resource Director in Provident Financial Romania, an organization with more than 2000 employees.  Marius is passionate about building a culture that drives performance focusing on building psychological safety across all layers of the organization.  Very interested in how you bring together 5 different generation in the same workplace and make them perform but in the same time keep them engaged.

He does also plays business adviser roles for different board teams, working mainly with entrepreneurial companies in their journey of building a culture while scaling their business.

At the same time Marius is a certified business coach with ICF.


Alina Filote

For over 12 years, Alina has been supporting entrepreneurs, organizations, and their management teams in building an organizational culture based on trust while enhancing efficiency.

Her passion as a professional trainer and coach, accredited by the ICF, is to enable management teams to work synergistically and stay energized.

She has experience in transforming organizational culture to achieve greater results. When working with Alina, entrepreneurs move beyond being the busiest person in the company and achieve significantly higher results through their management teams.

Her vision is to see a transformed Romania, and she believes that this change will come through individuals who are internally transformed and who then impact their teams, families, and society. She enjoys seeing people happy at work, collaborating effectively, and becoming more efficient.

She builds long-term partnerships with clients, helping them create a culture of growth and learning where employees contribute significantly and are committed to the company’s long-term future.

Head of HR, Bento Intelectually Curious, and Consultant

Ștefan Voicu

Ștefan Voicu is passionate about personal, professional, and organizational development, dedicating his career to the growth of both individuals and organizations. 

With 12 years of experience across various fields – the energy industry, the arts (theater), and IT&C, Ștefan has played a significant role in creating and leading two local start-ups within the Adrem group, scaling the teams at Cuibul Artiștilor from 3 to 70 members and at Bento from 40 to 100 members. This has helped him solidify his skills in leadership, mentoring, and business development. 

Ștefan holds the roles of Head of HR and consultant in personal development and organizational scaling. 

When not spending time with his two daughters, Ștefan seeks to satisfy his main curiosity, “Why do people do what they do?” through reading and participating in learning experiences.

business advisor

Dan Stoica Mustafa

Dan graduated with a degree in Economic Engineering from the Politehnica University of Bucharest, but that did not stop him from developing a career in the financial banking sector. 

Immediately after obtaining his degree, he pursued a career of over 20 years in the banking system – Corporate Banking, advancing through various managerial positions with a direct impact on financing and growing the business environment in Romania. 

Then, he took on a new career challenge by entering the competitive field of financial services, spending 6 years in an executive management position in the commercial area, combining his banking experience with sales and adding value to the company and sales teams. 

All these elements make him a determined, analytical, pragmatic, and solution-oriented person when it comes to business consulting.

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